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"The highest commandment" (Chiron opposition Saturn) activity period mid-April 2017 until

Valid during many months: During this difficult time others may find you unusually uncommunicative and cold. You will feel like withdrawing and isolating yourself. You will be plagued by feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and inferiority, or even of desperation and depression. Your pride could easily be hurt in any kind of dispute, while others might accuse you of being unable to compromise.

You will often have problems when you are called on to show discipline, responsibility and endurance, or when asked not to throw in the towel when the going gets tough. This will make you painfully aware that your vulnerability often causes you to make unneccesary and fruitless attempts to justify yourself. Radical revisions and changes in your more basic views and principles could make this a time of crisis in any long-term relationship. Avoid at all costs the mistake of accusing your partner of being responsible for leading you away from your true nature. Try instead to gain her support for any changes which you are currently going through. Despite any problems that may arise under this influence, the highest commandment is that you should admit to your own mistakes and failings without immediately condemning yourself.

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